A Guy Pedicure Guide (yes, you CAN have a manly pedi!)

Pedicures aren’t just a girl’s best friend … guys can get in on the pampering, too. In fact, men may enjoy the process of receiving a spa pedicure even more than the ladies.

You see guys, women know that the skin on your feet is different than the sensitive, soft skin of other areas like your neck or eyelids. For this reason, it needs a little extra TLC (tender loving care) every few weeks in order to keep your feet looking good. If you want to keep your feet from developing hardened calluses, peeling skin, or even those deep heel cracks that can tear the sheets, and scratch the skin of your lady friends – schedule a pedicure.

In all honestly, your ego may get a little bruised to start, but it will thank you later. We promise.

Get your feet looking good enough for sandals, and even make them touchably soft for snuggle time with the ladies with this guy’s guide to pedicures. In case you are nervous … here is what to expect each step of the way.

Step 1: You Sit.

This is the very beginning of the process, and for some people it can be the most intimidating. This is where you have to bare it all, and get your naked feet in the water. The pedicurist will draw the lukewarm footbath for you, as you take your socks and shoes off and then, just plop your toes in – trying not to splash. Take a deep breath, and just do it ,without worrying about what the pedicurist thinks. There is no way your feet are the worst that foot spa has seen.

guy pedicure | Footmedix

Step 2: Get Your File On!

After your feet have soaked for about 10 minutes in the warm, bubbling foot basin, your pedicurist will take a file right to your toughest calluses. This process can take up to 15 minutes, but it isn’t painful. However, it may tickle a little bit. But that’s normal, so don’t worry about trying to be manly about it. It’s ok to giggle.

Step 3: The Massage.

This step is optional at some spas, but it is usually included in the regular pedicure at most nail salons. If you decide to upgrade from a regular pedi, your massage may last up to 15 minutes, as the professional pedicurists massages deep into your feet, toes, and even up your leg to relieve any tension or knots.

Step 4: The Clean Up.

Ok, this step isn’t as fun or relaxing as steps 1-3, but it has to be done. So, just sit back and let the pedicurist clean away any dead skin around the nail beds, under the toenails, and even cut your nails. And just hold on. After this step, it’s pretty much smooth sailing!

Step 5: The Polish.

After you have been smoothed, cleaned, and clipped, you will reach the final step on your manly journey of the spa pedicure. All joking aside, this step is really what it’s all about: your nails. The pedicurist will apply a thin, clear coat of polish to each of your toenails to ensure that they grow in strong and healthy to reduce breakage and the risk of ingrown toenails. Brace yourself for the shine, or opt out of this final step. Let your nails go au naturel with a little buffing instead.

guy pedicure | Footmedix

Step 6: The Re-Shoe & Pay.

After you have let the polish dry (about 2-3 minutes), you’ll be ready to put your shoes back on. Ideally, you will have remembered to wear open-toed sandals, but if you forget, they have foam flip-flops you can take home right there in the nail salon. Then all you have to do is walk your way to the counter, pay for your service and that’s it! Almost a totally pain-free experience to have feet you can flaunt, all for about $25.00.

Guys, pedicures are not just for women. And there isn’t any good reason for you to feel strange if you are the only man in the nail salon. So, go ahead and plan your next guy pedicure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy it! We won’t tell.

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