Dry Skin on Elbows – How to Manage

Dry skin on elbows is a common problem. But that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating and uncomfortable. Scaly skin and ashy elbows don’t feel or look good. Here are some of the causes of dryness and rough skin on the elbows and some of the things you can do to keep it from happening.

How Do I Protect Sensitive Skin From Dryness?

If you have scaly skin on your elbows, feet, and other areas, there are things you can do to keep this from happening.

Always use moisturizers on a regular basis. They come in creams, lotions, ointments, and other forms. If you suffer from dryness on a regular basis, moisturizers should be part of your skin care routine.1

Also, be careful using certain cosmetics. Many cosmetic products contain glycolic acid and lactic acid. These are known as alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs. Evidence indicates these can be good for your skin in small doses. Using too many AHAs too often may cause skin dryness and irritation.2

Dry Skin on Elbows | DermalMedixThere are other acids known as polyhydroxy acids. These are related to alpha-hydroxy acids. Polyhydroxy acids include lactobionic acid and gluconolactone. They tend not to irritate sensitive skin like alpha-hydroxy acids.3

Can Coconut Oil and Almond Oil Combat Dryness?

Evidence suggests that coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil may help promote healthy skin and combat thickened skin, flaky skin, and other problems. Coconut oil has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. It can kill microorganisms that often cause skin issues.4

Almond oil helps keep the skin smooth and moist.5 It’s actually been shown to work just as well as petroleum jelly on skin dryness. 6

Don’t Take Dry Scaly Skin Lightly

There are a lot of potential reasons why people have thickened skin on their elbows and other areas of the body. But scaly skin may be more than just a cosmetic issue. If you have scaly skin, have a dermatologist check it out to rule out any potential medical problems.

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