Want Sexy Feet? Try These Simple DIY Footcare Remedies

Smooth, sexy feet are a must-have on most women’s beauty wish lists. But it isn’t always easy to keep the skin on your feet hydrated and supple—especially if you run around barefoot a lot.

And making the time for a pedicure every two weeks is pretty unrealistic for most. But, there’s many action steps that are feasible to make sure you have soft, beautiful looking feet all the time! Follow these seven simple foot care remedies for sexy feet.

1. Electric Foot File

These three little words can keep you out of your favorite nail salon, and moving onto better things. So, save your cash on expensive pedicures and opt for an electric foot file instead. These hand-held files are generally pretty quiet, and they’re able to slough off even the most hardened callouses on the feet – in just minutes.

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2. It’s Essential

It is absolutely essential that you get to know plant essences. Also known as essential oils, these plant-derived extracts are highly potent concentrates that contain all of the active chemicals of medicinal plants, including peppermint (stimulating and cleansing), tea tree (anti-fungal), and sandalwood (moisturizing). To use essential oils for foot care, you can apply them directly to your feet for an oil massage, or add 15-25 drops of your favorite oils into a lukewarm foot soak. This is a wonderfully aromatic way to soften skin and pamper yourself at the same time.

3. Open Up

As women, we know that beauty is pain. And for this reason (ladies, now, don’t lie) we are notorious for wearing footwear that pinches, is too tight, or flat out is not even our size. But who cares, right?! Wrong! While in the workplace, you may be required to wear high heels or closed-toed footwear, but you do not have to torture your feet in your down time. When you are able to, wear footwear that has been custom fitted just for your feet, and, if possible, wear open-toed shoes to let those pretty toes breathe. It is a tried and true remedy for healthy skin on your feet.

4. Mask It

During the day, you may spend long hours on your feet. This can take a toll on dry feet, especially during the winter. For many people, standing can cause dry skin to crack and even lead to the development of painful fissures. If you are suffering from badly damaged, dry skin on your feet, restore them at night with the rapid-healing power FootMedix by Dr. Watts. This medically formulated breakthrough cream works in minutes to soften skin and promote circulation, thus increasing the growth of new skin on your sexy feet.

5. Be Careful How You Cut

There are many different types of pathogens that can attack healthy feet. If you are a member of a gym, or visit public pools, you are much more likely to contract tinea pedis – the fungus that causes Athlete’s foot. If you contract this common fungal infection of the feet, it may spread underneath your toenails if you do not keep them cut short. Additionally, take care in the way you cut your toenails, as athlete’s foot loves to hide in dark, damp places, like the environment under your toenails.

6. Feed Your Feet

There are many different nutrient-dense foods that you should be feeding your feet, for healthy skin from the inside out. Add these skin-nourishing foods to your diet today, for softer, healthier feet: tomato, papaya, green tea, chocolate, avocado, coconut oil, and egg whites. Additionally, you can apply these same foods topically to restore damaged feet to good health.

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7. Therapeutic Socks

There never seems to be a good time to treat your feet. With your hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, you may not even have the time to schedule a spa pedicure. But you do have time to slip on a pair of ultra-hydrating therapeutic socks under your desk, as you drive home from the office, or even while your run the kids to a play date. Therapeutic moisturizing socks are available infused with aloe vera, olive oil, Vitamin E, and more. They’re perfect for on-the-go foot care.

Save your money on expensive spa pedicures and pamper yourself at home. Just use these seven simple DIY remedies to restore the health and texture to your touchably soft, sexy feet.

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