Meet Dr. Watts


FootMedix is fortified with the revolutionary human epidermal growth factor (hEGF), a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient that rejuvenates the strength and natural healing process of the skin through increased circulation. Every compound is carefully selected to ensure you always get exceptional results, and Dr. Watts’s relentless pursuit of perfection sets a very high bar for any ingredient that touches your skin.

Gentle But

Many skincare formulas rely on low-grade ingredients, which can actually damage and weaken your skin over time. By contrast, FootMedix works to nourish your skin. In fact, this breakthrough formula starts soothing dry, cracked, and painful feet within just 5 minutes of use. And because Dr. Watts speaks each year to the United Nations on medical safety and ethics, you can rest assured that FootMedix is designed to provide results safely, and without disrupting the integrity of your skin.

Leaders In
The Field

Led by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Watts — President of QuadASF and proud Army Major — FootMedix is designed to help you heal painful, cracked, and calloused feet from the comfort of your home. By targeting a variety of problems (numbness, corns, foot fissures, and fungus), FootMedix can deliver dramatic results very quickly. The goal is for our clients to feel confident and pain-free at any age.